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This picture was taken from FRESHALINA. Who is listed under my blog roll for C+D…

Well, I hope you monkeys found what you were looking for, with prices to get in starting at $300. People had been in line since 6pm sources say. I’m mad I learned about it kinda late, I could have got on the bat phone and cooked up something…smh But I am very happy for my lack of attendance due to the fact that Kanye was a no show and Jay-Z didnt even breathe on the mic.

There was no Beyonce, hell not even a girl with a good lacefront. I was heavily dissapointed. I’m just happy I didn’t use my ramen noodle money on these niggas actin funny. I leave you with, Otis…Bye

It’s the year of the Katy Perry. MTV VMA hit her with 9 nominations, of which she deserves. She has had one of the hottest albums this year so she greatly deserves such a honor.

Not to be confused, Adele came in with 7 nominations. The British singer is up for a major category, Video of the Year.

Kanye falls in right next to Adele with his 7 nominations. He just released a new song with Jay-Z called Otis.
Click below and give it a listen. I love it personally can’t wait for them to release Watch the Throne.

King Bey...

Reminding me of the late 90′s R&B group Zhane, Beyonce on her fourth leaked track brings you back to the basics. Continuing with her more adult and feel good music, like other songs like “1+1″ and “Best Thing I Never Had”. The track produced by Kanye and Consequence, features an opening liner by Kanye. Of course, rapper Andre 3000 serves his eloquent and sexy rap style to put the cherry on top.

I was speaking with a friend of mine the other day, it’s Like Beyonce is trying to slowly but surely introduce you into her new sound of music. As almost as to confuse you, she has released four tracks that to me, don’t quite go together but somehow belong. This mature, and sensual style she is delivering is setting the tone for King Bey.

I might be young, but I’m ready/To give you all my love/I told my girls you can get it

Yes BEY work HUNNI!

Kanye and Lady

If I could ask Kanye one question right now, It would be. Are you done with black women? Because I see since Amber he has NOT went back.I want him to date whoever will keep him from snatching mics off stage. The raplete has been seen canoodoling with various women all across the Cannes. Most recently reported was the pictures of him kissing some lady on a balcony.

Also, it’s rumored he is dating model Shermine Shahrivar, who used to date Twilight star Xavier Samuel. (Her pussy is winning). Not sure if the woman pictured above is her but here is a better picture.

Shermine Shahrivar Miss Europe 2005

Pretty Chick! She is Iranian FYI. I’m not sure if he is or isn’t but on the outside it is a good look. If Kanye is done with black women, I could see why. It seems as though Kanye has a impulsive and cocky sense of life. That is totally outside the box for the average black woman. Also, if you look at the women he previously dated they were college graduates, with careers. The women he dates now are like party girls,used to the fast life. Not to say there are not black women like that, but most black women want a devoted mate and family guy. Where as, women from other cultures choose to be more go with the flow and not so pressuring.

There is no right or wrong to this, just an observation.