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As an actual fan of the song, I was a bit disturbed to see the video. I understand the whole concept of dressing up and make believe but its something about this video I was just not feeling. Maybe it was Katy Perry, Maybe it was juicy J. I don’t know, there were some obvious blatant stereotypes, but I expect that from HollyWeird.

One of my favorite people to do parody, Bart Baker does it again in this parody of Dark Horse and actually touches on a few of the funny things happening in her life. Watch and don’t forget to check out his other videos.


We all remember when Katy Perry and Rihanna were BFF’S, Rihanna was even asked to be a bridesmaid at Katy’s wedding. Lately you haven’t really seen the two together. Rih has been touring and wylin at the same damn time and it seems Katy has been living life a little low-key.

Capital FM Reports:

Katy Perry has opened up on her friendship with Rihanna and said that she still “loves” the fellow female star. The ‘Firework’ singer told Elle UK that she always loves bumping into the Bajan star but thinks like many other stars in the business, she has a “detrimental” entourage. “I love her [Rihanna] and every time I see her, I’m reminded of the light that she has,” she told the magazine. “There’s a lot of dark in this business. I know a lot of people out there with the most detrimental entourages – they are the root of their demise. She concluded: “It’s really unfortunate but you can’t save these people. My days of celebrity saving are over.” It was rumored the pair had fell out in recent months and haven’t been seen spending as much time together as they did in the past.

OOOP! Katy did you really have to go all the way in. What a nice way to say “I don’t F with her no more”. Cue “She aint into saving these hoes”. I’m almost certain Rihanna will clap back and it wont be soo nice. Give Rih a shot of patron and watch her go.

Well I guess the odd couple has finally closed their chapter. Perry and Brand have gotten their divorce finalized. I wonder who they will be dating before the ink settles? It’s really a shame to see so many mariages end so quickly. I guess that is why, they are trying to pass the bill for a two tear probationary period for marriages. But, can we be honest here, yall really thought they were good for each other?

Ran across these pretty little documents on Perez Hilton

He noticed her smiley face, thats so damn childish. Yet, funny to me! I am so very happy to hear that Russell didn not take any of Katy’s money. Well, thats what was being said around the internet. However, as quickly as this divorce went either he didn’t want money or she settled. Either way congrats to Katy! Now go make some kick ass music!!

Well, and we thought gays were ruining the sanctity of marriage? Only being married a little over a year, both Katy Perry and Russell Brand have both been spotted NOT wearing their wedding rings. I actually thought these two would make it considering they are both a little quirky. I guess not even the strange can find love in a hopeless place.

*Did anyone see the subtweets about loving each other between Chris Brown and Rihanna yesterday on Twitter?* Talk about about love is pain…

Well, luckily they had no kids so, if this really is the preface before a divorce, there are no sad kiddos! Ah well, I thought Katy could have did a little better than that anyway. On a lighter note, breakups make the music…

It’s the year of the Katy Perry. MTV VMA hit her with 9 nominations, of which she deserves. She has had one of the hottest albums this year so she greatly deserves such a honor.

Not to be confused, Adele came in with 7 nominations. The British singer is up for a major category, Video of the Year.

Kanye falls in right next to Adele with his 7 nominations. He just released a new song with Jay-Z called Otis.
Click below and give it a listen. I love it personally can’t wait for them to release Watch the Throne.

London Fashion Show ( Color Blocking)

BOLD seems to be the fashion trend for the summer! From make-up to clothing to accessories every designer is packing on the color! Color blocking isn’t something new at all. Using your imagination and the color wheel, you can transform some of the most basic pieces into colorful statements. Gucci and Prada have been sending down the runway very bold statement pieces. As you can see on the cover of Elle Katy Perry is wearing a Gucci suit.

Katy Perry in Gucci Color Blocking

Another singer who dabbles in color blocking often is the talented Leona Lewis, if you google her images you will find she is styled in a lot of  Neon blocking techniques. Mostly the pairing of neon colors with dark blues and greens… Using dark blue and dark Green is another way not to wear black all the time, yet have a more subtle color than Mint or Fuchsia per se.

Leona Lewis using Neons to Color Block

Now if your not a fashionista or perhaps don’t have runway funds of course you can color block too. Forever 21, H&M and American Apparel are all places that I personally shop and know carry a lot of cute pieces that can be used for the purpose of color blocking. Now, if you really know what you are doing try patterns too.

Forever 21 Color Blocking

Its definitely the time to break away from the blacks,grays and dark gloomy colors. Its time to step into the fun of color and embrace all the colors of the color wheel. The block party doesn’t stop with just clothing either shoes,handbags and jewelry have all have been laced with this seasons trends…I leave you with one more example, miss Rihanna in a perfect Popparazzi picture.Shes using her hair to use color blocking too.