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Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm what? Are they planning to sell pics of the baby or something? Why is this funny named baby such a mystery when the family consists of camera whores? It’s like once this baby is revealed, I’m sure we will see her everywhere. So why have her wrapped up like she’s getting smuggled down the underground railroad?

Kanye is supposed to show pictures of the baby on the Kris Jenner show on Friday so maybe they are waiting for that big moment. (insert sarcasm) All jokes aside, the family was in attendance for Kanye’s grandfather’s funeral. My condolences go out to poor Kanye. Losing family is a terrible time but, with the birth of his daughter he has something positive to concentrate on.

Kim looked great too. I see she’s getting that body back together.


Amber Rose is still trying to get in her last few words of her relationship with Kanye, as if that wasn’t 5 years ago. I checked out the story on NY Daily News. Essentially, Rose told Star Magazine that Kim was a “Homewrecker”. That Kim was sending emails, and pictures (we can assume naked) to her then boyfriend, Kanye West. Supposedly, while Kim was still with Reggie Bush.

Amber Rose then goes on to say that, she did break up with Kanye and Kim broke up with Reggie. After all this took place, (LAWD THE MESS) she then met up with Reggie Bush and they did have a small hooking up session. (Yall smashed in the name of vengeance)

Ok, like what the fcuk? How does Amber Rose, no excuse me, why does Amber Rose feel compelled to share this with the class years later? What in buzz cut hell, does this have to do with anything currently? She says, she wanted to thank Kim for cheating, otherwise she wouldn’t have found her scarecrow Wiz Khalifah. Well, damn bitch if you’re so happy why are you even talking about it?

Oh I know, pick me! Pick me! After the failed attempt at Ford, the failed attempt at a reality show, failed attempt at a shades line. You need relevancy. I’m sure hanging on the wings of Wiz, is not only hard in general due to weight but he’s just not Kanye. I get it boo, you want you own little light to shine, but this is not the answer.

What’s done in the dark comes to light, but this wasn’t the right time or your light to really shine. If you are happy with Wiz go be happy, quit worrying about what Kim is doing. Clearly she has that whole staying relevant thing down to a science… Or hmmm, is this because it’s rumored Kim K and Reggie Bush are getting back together…Blah too many dumb, not needed reasons.

Well apparently I am no fool…As I already predicted, the Kardashian wedding was a complete waste of time. I feel bad for all of those investors, a wedding for 18 million dollars, dissolved in less than 4 months. Hell, and to think people say that homosexual marriages devalues the union of marriage. Sure, so what do you call this a tribute?

I am totally sure that this was a stunt from the beginning. Look at Kris Humphries, he reminds me of Gomer Pyle. You sit here, and really think she was intrigued, turned on and wanted to share her life with this man? Come on, don’t let people piss on you and tell you it’s raining.

Even TMZ reported that Humphries didn’t find out about the divorce in person or via phone call, but through the wide world web. Awww Kim is such a gracious and humble person. Well, with her profiting so much from a marriage that lasted as long as her sew in. I just hope she has a shred of integrity and gives that money to people in need.

Look at their body language in this picture…ick!

Welp! Kim Kardashian made silly headlines today, due to her X-Raying her booty on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Yes, you did read that correctly. She wanted to prove to the world that her butt is real and not filled with silicone. Umm maam, who cares? Do you really think Tammy Torres, Buffie the Body or Pebblez Da Model is proving that their ass is real? No, and do you know why Kim? Because, if it looks good no one really cares. When you see fake breast, do you want an x-ray or do you want to touch them?

Where are dunce caps when you need them? Kim, have you forgotten that the ENTIRE world has seen your insides? She has a sex tape, in my opinion it gets no worse than that. So in efforts to prove the authenticity of your ass, you bypass the fact that your sub par head game was authenticated by millions. I don’t know about you all, but to me the only one who got love from that video was Ray J.

Also, did we forget that there are ass shots? Who needs implants when you can call your local gay boy or Tranny and get pumped up for about a stack. She could have very well went to any black strip club in America and got that info. I’m very much so, off discussing this. I hate for my intelligence to be tried to that degree.

Kim and Kris

 Well, seems as if love and sex is in the air everywhere! Weddings,babies and engagements are all over the place recently. Kim Kardashian the much lesser lucky in love Kardashian, is finally going to get hitched. Like her sister Khloe she will be married in to the NBA… Now that would be a great basketball wives. Khloe, Kim, Lala (married to Carmelo Anthony) and if Ciara can snag Amare Stoudemire! Lets talk about ratings and profit to come LOL E! better not steal my damn idea either…

Any who its said that Humphries proposed on one knee, with rose petals galore. The ring is a 20.5 carat Lorraine Schwartz piece (also noted for making Beyonce’s wedding ring) that cost about 2 million dollars. YIKES!!!! I didn’t even know he had money like that. Below is a picture of Beyonce in her ring…NOW, her ring was 5 million BUT I want you to get an idea of the type of ring Kim is getting herself into.

Beyonce Wedding Ring

I’m actually very happy for Kim IF she is happy. I hope she is not doing this because she feels pressure since, she is the oldest of her sisters and not married. I can only imagine the wedding, i’m sure her mother is on top of it already. I wish her mom would be my manager! She is on top of her sh*t!

Congrats! May you BOTH be happy!