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Awww my favorite girl in the world is getting better!!! Yay Lilo, you better get your ass off that white girl…I’m still trying to figure out after all she has done, how shes only on probation. Oh wait I know, she’s wealthy, and white as hell. Did yall see how pale she was? That baby could stand a trip to the tanning bed or two. Maybe some MAC in NC45, cause baby you look like a extra from Lord of the Rings.

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Stephanie Sautner told her on Wednesday, she was on the “home stretch”. As far as, finishing her probabtion. Lohan has reportedly said that the judge gave her “tough love”. Supposedly, making her concentrate on her career more. Lindsay, it’s cool boo, no need to front. But, please look at the other entertainers around you who have lost their life with drugs and alcohol.

I’m rooting for you my favorite boo!! Make it shake love!

Awww my favorite girl Lindsay Lohan stayed in jail a grand total of less than 5 hours after just being sentenced to 30 days. I must say, it’s amazing the power of fame.

Supposedly, she called the situation a wake up call to her friends. I don’t think I believe her. She just finished shooting her pink for her spread in Playboy. The spread got her paid nearly 1 million. We will see in the next few months if LiLo really did learn from 2011…

Well women will be women. We all get into it with out “bff” from time to time. I guess the question is do both of you have the maturity to put it aside and move on. I’m not talking about some girl you are cool with either. I am referring to your actual good friends.

Often times than not women get into it with each other and hate one another. Meanwhile, we let men abusee the hell out of us and continue to forgive them. I am glad Lindsay and Paris rekindled their frienship. Shows that power player women are able to around eachother minus the BS.

Lindsay went to Paris’s home in Malibu this Sunday, It was said she came in they hugged, and partied.

Awww, see doen’t that make you want to bury the hatchett with a old friend? I hope so, don’t be petty like those Basketball Wives. Learn to let things go, just be more aware of who your friends are versus associates.

Lindsay Leaving Club with Emile Hirsch

Why does my favorite bitch have to be so bad?! Fresh of cell block Lohan, the actress Lindsay Lohan took to Lexington Social House for a wee patron filled celebration. I assume she was drinking patron, observers said she was drinking soda. Oh, perhaps shes not a Pepsi girl and had some coke… (INSERT MAD TYPES OF SLADEROUS FACES) Any who, now she will begin her many hours of community service, I hope it’s at a bar so she can make the best of her time.

Really, this is the shit I get so upset about. Why wont you at least pretend to be doing right.  Aren’t you an actress? Act your ass into pretending to be sober. This would keep the Paparazzi off your back Lilo! Oh, I like that for her. I shall name her Lilo, the fish. Well, I really can’t say to much other than I want her to tan and do something about that wizard colored hair… I love you Lilo, go to Betty Ford or something so you can return to the screen.

Here is some footage of her stumbling and looking like an extra from Girl Gone Wild.