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Well, my apologies for the brash title but thats exactly how I felt when my oncologist called and gave me the report (stage 4 bone cancer) just hours before we entered 2015. Here I am thinking I have had slight pain in my back due to cramps. Mother nature was not to blame for this one. I actually was happy I had a cycle, most women who have chemotherapy it takes years for them to get one. Imagine that, I was happy to be bleeding and having cramps. You can’t tell me God doesn’t have a sense of humor. So after I quietly told my oncologist “um ok I guess we will go from here.” I burst into a million tears. Here I was thinking that I kicked cancers butt and had crossed the finish line, I was back where I started. I can not explain to you the immediate thoughts that I had. The resounding underlying tone in it all was, I was going to die and I was very afraid.

This has almost been a month ago and I will not lie and say that I’m all happy and dancing around my house like I popped a molly. Well actually the meds I take do make me sweat like I’m on X in a rave but that’s a whole other story. But, I think I found a happy medium. I chose to speak things into existence and I declare that I am cancer free, but I also am comfortable in not being afraid of death. I damn sure ain’t welcoming it, but I’m not scared either. See the thing about fear is that it blocks you from getting to the next level of faith. If you’re afraid of the worse possible outcome it will continually paralyze you from getting to the next level. I don’t want sympathy and I don’t want money. What I want is two things. For people to stop thinking cancer is a death sentence. It isn’t, it is just as intolerable as the flu. Things only have as much power as you assign it. I give it zero power. I also want anyone facing any type of obstacle to keep pushing. Stare the worse case scenario in the face and know that it isn’t part of your destiny.

We are destined to be great, to leave great legacies and to be full of prosperity. Nothing foreign that enters your body has to stay there. You have to believe that God is a healer of anything. Even in you having it you can still continue to fight, be happy and feel good. I pray that in your darkest hour no matter what it is, that through faith in a higher source, belief in yourself, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and by living in love you can conquer anything.

I will try to blog as much as I can. I have a lot on my mind and I’m willing to answer questions. Let me know :) just email me. I pray you all have beautiful and blessed lives.

Zeralyn or Tara if you nicesty.

It’s always sad to see love fall off, the sad part about this story is not only did it destroy a marriage but it destroyed reputations, and a career. Chad Johnson, now currently unemployed has took to Twitter and tweeting all day. Well today, he tweeted that he still loved his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada. Whom, he head-butted and the result was a divorce, the pull of their reality show and him being cut from the Miami Dolphins.

Now, if a chick had cut my career off there is no way in hell I’d tweet her anything but death threats. But, from my low levels of interaction I’ve had with Chad, I get the impression he truly loves her. I am quite sure he wants her back. I do think the major issue they had was with him cheating. If he could possibly prove he could be monogamous, perhaps she would give him a chance. If they still love each other they should try to work it out. Look at Rihanna and Chris Brown, ok that was a terrible example. None the less, maybe they need to have Iyanla come and fix their life or maybe just his so he can get the hell of twitter.

Blah… Give love a chance… check the tweets below

Found this great blog on THEDAILYLOVE

Excerpt from The Single Woman: Life, Love, & a Dash of Sass…

The Single Woman Says: Don’t be afraid to be who you are, no matter who that person might be.

For someone making their mark on the world in the modern age, it can be confusing at times to figure out exactly WHO you are. This can be especially tricky for a single woman. Our walk is vastly different from that of our married counterparts, as we don’t have marriage or kids to take our cues from. Though we’re standing fearlessly alone in our sassiest stilettos, we have to know what exactly it is we’re standing FOR…otherwise, as the old adage says, “If you’re not standing for something, you’ll fall for anything.” But all this talk of “Be Yourself” and “Love Yourself” can leave a girl asking “WHO AM I?!?”

The good news is, single women have the luxury of establishing their own identities, without consultation or input from anyone. And here’s the most important thing to remember: You don’t THINK your way into finding out who you are, you LIVE your way into it. You make mistakes. You follow your passion. You take wrong turns. You set goals and chase dreams. You figure out what makes you laugh, and you do more of it. You figure out what makes you cry, and you do less of it. You try out careers and friendships and hobbies and you see which ones fit. You move out of your comfort zone. And you don’t apologize for your imperfect journey, because every step along the way is one step closer to figuring out who you are and why you were put here on this earth.

There are lots of confusing ideas and mixed messages out there in the world today from the media, pop culture, and societal standards about who you’re supposed to be…but you’ve got to stop looking to everyone else for your identity. The only face you’ll find your true identity in is your own. You have a destiny and a purpose that no one else on this earth can fulfill…and you have traveled a unique journey that has equipped you along the way with the tools you need to carry it out. Sometimes life isn’t about having all the answers, but about boldly living the questions. And in an ever-changing, ever-evolving world, sometimes NOT having a precise blueprint for what makes you YOU is the key to building the most fabulous life.




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Well well well… According to TMZ … This Marriage had many rounds of turbulence since its conception. With it being said in 2011 she called him the N word and so forth. So they got divorced. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO why is he still with her if she’s so crazy?! Men love a crazy chick.

Apparently the “former couple” took a trip to Costa Rica, where his ex-wife Michelle Ghent, said he threatened to kill her. (I’m sorry all I can think of is whoop dat trick from Hustle and Flow) None the less, he asserts that she is looney tunes and suffers from paranoia. He states she was hospitalized for suicide just a couple months ago.

Well I hope the “former couple” can either get some extreme intervention from a therapist or they need to just let it go. Toxic relationships aren’t good for your soul and can cause health issues in the long run. Find peace in your life.

Everything is all great until Spring arrives. Suddenly the not so long convos turn into, calls sent straight to voicemail. Then you jump on a scale and realize you are 30 pounds heavier and now too fat to be chasing ballers during All Star.( Oh maybe that was just me).

Either way the beauty of the new boo phases out. I have no idea how to keep the flame going. That’s not what this blog is about. However, I’m pretty sure if you just take the time not to get stuck in repitition, the relationship might have a chance.

The fun part about new love for me is the falling asleep on the phone together. The moment when you are telling your friends about how awesome he is. (This is usually before, he tries to holla at that same friend). But none the less, new romances can be fun. Just don’t invest so much into it. Pick up a hobby or another boo to allow yourself the time to get to know the other person.

That way when Spring arrives, and your boo starts acting up. You either can go play with your other boo, or sell all the pottery you made. I go with option number 2, financial gain is always a win for me.

Here’s a cute video I found that hit my feelings on the subject matter to a T. Enjoy..

Well, and we thought gays were ruining the sanctity of marriage? Only being married a little over a year, both Katy Perry and Russell Brand have both been spotted NOT wearing their wedding rings. I actually thought these two would make it considering they are both a little quirky. I guess not even the strange can find love in a hopeless place.

*Did anyone see the subtweets about loving each other between Chris Brown and Rihanna yesterday on Twitter?* Talk about about love is pain…

Well, luckily they had no kids so, if this really is the preface before a divorce, there are no sad kiddos! Ah well, I thought Katy could have did a little better than that anyway. On a lighter note, breakups make the music…