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Do not be alarmed, that is not Justin Beiber grabbing some black tail. INDEED that is Miley Cyrus, yes Hannah Monatana herself love dem strippas like 2 Chainz. Why she aint hit Black Chyna? Wait, did Black Chyna retire? I would after hitting the Tyga baby daddy jackpot. Any who, Miley turned 20 and is defintely letting it be known she wants to escape the squeaky clean past she is associated with.

I honestly am just happy she is drug free, you know how that child star syndrome goes. I would rather her grab some butt shots and some lemon pepper wings, than a pipe. Mazel Tov to Miley getting it in! She better turn up! I actually can’t wait to hear what music she release in the near future. She is rather talented so she has endless possibilities.

I love Party In The USA by Miley cyrus… Watch it here. Support the naked hustle Miley!