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These sing is very different to say the least. I’m glad that FloRida stayed in the pop lane. Talk about a rapper that we know is getting that paper. They wanna see the “bubble yum”, are they trying to do a campaign for Bubble Yum? Sounds like something you might just want to work out too or hear when you go to Vegas. It definitely looks like they stole all of Sir Mix Alot’s swag on Baby Got Back though. Perhaps they were paying homage, who knows. Enjoy

In efforts to get back to my six pack I had back in the 1960′s… I do a work out regimen when I first wake up… 50 jumping jacks… 50 crunches… 50 squats…25 burpees and 15 push ups… I do it to no other but Jay Z ft Rick Ross… Yall know I’m saved so I wont cuss but just listen to the song LOL… Share your fitness tips with me on the site. email subject Fitness… yall be blessed.

Artist Sadie Hawkins is definitely pushing to make her voice heard. Just recently seen in the studio with super producer Sony Digital, the SC native now in Atlanta, is putting in work. Still riding the success of Girl Interrupted with Dj Scream, she sits “Cocky” waiting for her chance to really take on the Atlanta seen. I personally have NOT seen any other females in the Atlanta area able to really compete. Maybe you have seen something I haven’t. (Don’t forget to quote me)

With some major things about to pop next quarter. make sure you are keeping glued to what Sadie has next. Follow her on Twitter.

Red Cups are symbolic to the Texas drank culture. As a former Texas resident, I grasp the concept of “drank in my cup, man hold up”. So no surprise here when artist S. Fresh took the concept on his latest mix-tape “Red Cups and After Partys” … While pushing his latest single “Like Me” the rapper, is steadily working on other videos and his GLM brand.

Hosting parties, as well as doing shows has kept the rapper busy. However, he has stil had time to cultivate a fourth quarter press run that would make a veteran rapper nervous. From Shreeveport to Houston, Atlanta to Dallas. The rapper is definitely making his presence known.

Make sure you follow him on TWITTER. As well as subscribe to his YOUTUBE

Raizin the Bar was an independent music event put on in Dallas featuring many artists like The Jett Show, Ms Mykie, Yung Nation and more… The event showcased over 10 of the hottest acts in DFW area.

Zeralyn.Com featured artist The Jett Show performed his hit “she Aint Gettin In”. The song is featured on his Mixtape Minority Report. Check out his interview for Weindatthing TV. Also take a listen to one of his covers of Fun We Are Young.

Dallas, a beautiful city full of life has a plethora of music influences and artistic outlets. One artist on a mission to achieve fame, is The Jett Show, a veteran like myself that has a sound that is his own.

The Minority Report is a heavily anticipated work from the rapper. Featuring production from Lex Luger, Youngstarr and Trackbangas. Also other artists like, Ace Mitch and Big Hud. With way more features on this mixtape, it’s a great mix tape and should be downloaded today!

Check out video, She aint Gettin in and stay tuned for more from the rapper…

Well if you don’t follow me on Twitter you might not know I am in a very heavy battle to lose weight. At my highest I was 195 pounds, today I weigh about 165 and am toning and defining my look with my Trainer. My ideal weight is 150 but I am hoping to really be a size 6, whatever comes first. One one my favorite songs that make me get in a mood to drop the pounds is by Miami rapper Billy Blue.

Check out the sound, and if you are feeling him find his mixtapes. I assure you, that you wont be dissapointed. Now, I’m going to go and finish shaking the weight off. SHAKELIFE!

97.9 The Beat personality M-Squared got together a few of the newest up and coming rappers in DFW for the Cypher. Some of these rappers are not freestyle or “cypher” type of rappers but I am happy for them none the less…

Rapper B-Hamp who is known for his song “Ricky Bobby”, admittedly says in the cypher he does not have the dopest lyrics. But, his swag is what takes him places.

He was dressed very nicely….

Get into the CYPHER and see what Dallas artists have to offer…

My notable mentions are Dtall @Dtallmusic D- Tall or on Twitter. Double A @itsdoublea and of course my favorite, Enertia@enertiamuzik … Big shoot out to G4 Music…

M-Squared Presents: The Understanding (#THEDFWCYPHER) from iClassMedia on Vimeo.

Didn’t Ryan Leslie get purse snatched? Ok I’m lost, but I kow this I LOVE THIS SONG. I’m not sure exactly if Red Cafe is getting set to drop an album or not. But this would be a great first single, with other artists finally releasing album that have been long awaited. Artists like Big sean and J.Cole you cant help but wonder when is Red Cafe going to give us more than a mixtape.

Sorry I don’t have the download, but you tech savvy people I’m sure can find it. With more songs like this on the horizon I can only hope we are escaping the fast life lyrics and getting back to good music.