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How can you not love this face? I mean I tingle and my heart does a jingle just looking at it. Here are my reasons for James Harden being my #MCW (Man Crush Wednesday)… First of all, if it could work for Andre Drummond and Jenette Mccurdy why not me?!

!. James looks like he he’s nonchalant, he didn’t even comb his hair…
2. James is known to pay a few bills and Lord knows Im tired of my mom’s basement.
3. James is in the NBA I don’t like sports but I love drinking with white people in suites.
4. James always has bad chicks around, great opportunity for me to feel on a bunch of hot chicks.
5. James teeth look like they are sharp he’d be great for opening things around the house.
6. James pays bills did I mention that?
7. James loves the strip club… me too!!
8. James can sing :)
9. Did I mention the bills part
10. James aint got no kids!!

Welp here’s my #MCW salute to Mr Harden… Hey boo :)

So apparently Twitter can be used for good. When NBA player Andre Drummond announced his #WCW (Woman crush Wednesday)… Was actress Jenette McCurdy star of Nickelodeon’s iCarly. They must’ve hopped in each other’s dm faster than Warren Sapp hopped in young “models” in 09.

I dunno is this some kind os publicity stunt or real love? Either way I hope they have fun. That is indeed what love is about, fun. All those titles and demands usually end up causing the situation to deteriorate. Well good, there is hope for you young clowns on Wednesday keep the #WCW coming maybe someone will be just as desperate, I meant free as you.

Side-note: they are funny looking together… He got her looking like a midget and thangs let me hush.

I took this picture from SandraRose.I think she may have a little crushy on Savannah, she always likes to report on her lol *jealous* Anywho, Seems as if Lebron is ready to step away from the Baby Daddy Syndrome and enter Man side. He proposed to the mother of his two kids, and hit her with a very large rock indeed! I don’t have the logistics as far as cost, clarity, cut. But, it looks to be a very nice setting from the picture shown.

I hope he doesn’t pull a Carmello, and wait even more years to finally walk down the aisle with her. She seems to be a pretty cool chick, past all those Rashard Lewis rumors. I love the fact she’s at the game with regular clothes on. When I go to games, I wear regular clothes and minimal make-up. No need to do thee most. For what? Specially in her case, she caught her a baller. Why do the extraness if that’s not the lane she is trying to be in.

Good for them, hopefully within 2012 I will be reporting a wedding.

Commisioner David Stern cancelled the first two weeks of the season on Monday. The NBA lost about 300 million last year and is trying to get to the bottom of the loss. In doing so many basketball fans are upset and many people who worked around or in the arenas are without jobs.

Steve Nash tweeted yesterday, he was sorry for all the people who would be without jobs while negotiations continue.

I’m not understanding how these people get soooooooo much money and feel compelled to argue about millions, while teachers, doctors, police and military personell go almost broke. Yet they save lives everyday… We live in such a jaded world.

When it comes to party life, I am definitely about that life. I love to experience places that have a mature, sexy crowd and one that likes to dance. Well I definitely walked into that this past Saturday, at Ladies Love Saturday at Victory Tavern.

The party was hosted btyTrevor Booker and brought to you by The Akita Group.

With lines out the door at 1am, people knew it was party time for sure. Going wild in the Dj booth was none other than DJ Asap. Mixing everyone from Jeezy, Ross to new upcoming local artist The Jett. More pictures can be seen on

That’s right, prepare yourselves for tomorrow’s biggest night in Dallas… Bella 32 is the home of the hottest Friday night in Dallas!

Devin Harris of the Utah Jazz and Michael Huff of the Raiders set the stage for a night full of sexy, plush nightlife.

Along with them will be Fabien Washington of the Ravens and Darren Mcfadden and Tyvon Banch of the Raiders.

I need all the sexy ladies in the building it’s only $10 all night…Sounds by DJ ASAP one of the hottest DJ’s in the country.

Make sure you don’t meet me there but beat me there!

Shout out to WWEG, IKON ENT and DRIZZE INC …

What awful time for jersey chasers, lover of the rapletes and such… I’m sure there are baby mothers cringing in terror at the fact a check might not make it to the house. In times of distress for such women. I offer some help to ease the pain. Ways to continue to ball on some one else’s budget.

1. Remember any and all reasons to put him in the dog house…The time he fcuked your ex bff…Or he flew you stand-by to a game…or he skipped making a deposit. Remind him of the fact you stayed through all of the bullshit and see will he buy you something expensive to pawn or even cut you a check.

2.Don’t go out as much. I’m sure that your are a known hoecialite. Ooops, socialite in your city. You wont be able to tear down Saks, Barneys and Neimans as much. AND you definitely don’t want anyone thinking you fell off. Take your partying down to once a week or less. This way it ensures that you aren’t wearing clothes,shoes, bags as much.

3.Change your flavor. Start to explore other races. Since all the rapletes will be crying broke. Take this time to reflect that older men of other races would love to hang out with a young groupie such as yourself. More than likely they will be married, like the other athletes you are used to. But this guy, will have a little more respect for his home. So all that continuing to call late, after he asked you not to. Is NOT the move for this situation. This is like a oil change, in and out.

4.Situational Awareness. There is no need to panic if your athlete is not panicking. DO NOT mess up your situation thinking the grass is greener. If you have a rookie and a teammate is giving you the eye. KEEP YOUR EYES ON THE PRIZE. Don’t give in so easily. The older vet knows you are weak and desperate to get more money. The lockout could end and he will tell your rookie boyfriend from smalltownnooneheardof, USA what you did.

5.Hood. Don’t forget that the hood is booming with pleasantries that you may or may not be familiar with. Knock off purses, clothing and shoes. Merchandise for the low low…And of course my favorite Dope Boys. These “Hood” figures would love a girl like you. You have had many of great athlete in your vaginal walls and this is a notch on his belt. He will more than likely be able to fund your lavish habits, but just watch what you say on the phone and text him. Also, never agree to drive him anywhere. That last part was important.

6.Use Twitter. If you are known to be around many rapletes, Twitter will be a breeding ground for lower level ballers such as promoters,tax prep guys,record execs,DJs, etc. They will know times are hard for you and begin to chat with you more heavily. Now, if you are a smart groupie and prepared for this or have your own money. AVOID THESE PONZI SCHEMES. They will run your name in the ground and have no remorse with the nude pics you will send via DM and text. If times are hard and you need a little change. Twerk Something.

7.Money concious. Limit the amount of money you spend. Instead of 26inch Brazillian, opt for some cute short styles. Take the “Red Bottoms” you have and purses that wont be in next season and sell them to your less fortunate friends or put them on Ebay. Wear cute jersey or cotton dresses instead of Herve Ledger or D&G. Just pair it with one of the shoes you aren’t going to sale. Since you wont be eating as much, it’s a great time to get in great shape!

Well thats all I have for now, If I think of anymore I will be sure to let you know. Its all about winning and helping one another.