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*Please note that all of these things mentioned are not to be considered hard facts, these are things that were told to me from a reliable source*

I guess times are very hard in many people lives, specially of that of raplete Diamond. If you do not know who she is please Google. It is said that the 23 year old rapper, was in Dallas making numerous trips on the dime of her “lesbain lover” Olivia Storm while she was dating fellow raplete Scrappy.

It is said that Olivia Storm, is a rapper from Dallas who was promised, a label deal with Diamond’s record label. Apparently, things went awry with the song “She Bad” when Diamond recycled the verse and used it on another track. Olvia, who paid for the track,studio, verse from Diamond was told from Diamond’s people not to promote or use the song anymore. However, Olivia Storm owns the rights since she paid.

Now, I don’t know if Diamond is open about her bisexuality but now she can be. But, who cares about sexual orientation when you are just a fraud ass person. Even if she was not having a sexual relatiosnhip with this women, how are you going to just not let her have the song? Is she supposed to just be out of money, a song and a relationship?

You hoes have no manners…and obviously not alotta money. Below is a picture of all three at a party in Dallas. Olivia is in the center. Also, included is the song “She Bad“… The song sounds pretty good, I’m so sorry this happened to Olivia… This is a dirty industry.