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So Deion Sanders called into my favorite morning show K104FM Morning Show with my favorite ladies Lady Jade and DeeDee. He told them that Pilar’s lawyer fabricated or embellished about her wanting to get back together. He goes on state that, Deiondra was just defending him, but she should have took a higher route. Yall just have to be the judge of it, give it a listen!

Zeralyn’s thoughts: This is some real made for TV type of drama. If they make a Lifetime or low budget BET movie can I play the ghetto mail lady. It’s been rumors of him cheating, it’s been rumors of her cheating. Who Cares?! Why can’t this just be a simple procedure like getting your back popped? If they both are cool with one another, and they both want a damn divorce, go get one. All these, TMZ and MTO reports are making me want to stay out of the marriage license office…

If God is the center of their life, give it to him and move on. I’m tired!

Checking in, looking better than EVER! is Pilar Sanders… Wife of hall of famer, Deion Sanders. I can remember 10 years ago almost, my boyfriend at the time said she was the baddest thing walking. I am so happy for her that she still is one of the baddest. She looks great in person as well. We all know that photoshop, can mislead people but not Mrs.Sanders.

I can honestly say this though, whatever it is she is doing needs to be packaged and sold to the masses…I want in on whatever it is she is doing…How in the hell did NFL Wives get cancelled? Bring it back!!!!

Ciroc, along with Insterscope, Bad Boy and Shakedown came together to bring Dallas, a listening session with artist Red Café. The Listening Lounge as it was called was put on in association with Publicity Pieces, Kreative Kollective and Zeralyn.Com.

The event brought out some of Dallas’ own elite. From Media to DJs all to take in the new single “Fly Together” to prepare us for the upcoming album. The crowd was definitely into Red Café. Dallas, which is considered to be a dance music city, does have other expressions of artistry. Check out!(Dallas Cypher).

Also, in attendance was the very beautiful Pilar Sanders and her camp. I heard she has some very big things coming from her, so make sure that you stay tuned.

The shots were taken by photographer @perreaon1

Sounds were provided by DJ ASAP who was one of the guest DJ’s on 106 n Park on BET. Follow him on Twitter, he and I are planning a dope mixtape! @DjAsap

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The very beautiful Pilar Sanders, before she was married to NFL/MLB great Deon Sanders began her career modeling and doing music videos. One of the video she was in was Kriss Kross’s “Tonight’s the Night”. Oddly, this is one of the first videos that ever made me think to want to be in a video. LOL

I really wanted to know more about her as a person but in Football Wives she came off as cold and distant. But, I mean how was she supposed to act? She is married to a man worth about 40 million while other cast members were enduring financial strains. It wasn’t like she was friends with any of these women before the show. Like I mentioned to cast member Dawn Neufield on Twitter, she (Pilar) is going to be different. She can’t relate to a lot of you guys, whether it be background or current status.

She certainly is very nice to look at though. The actress is busy also managing Sony artist D’Jo. A R&B singer from Dallas. I guess I just wanted to show that anything is possible. From a minor role in a video to being one of the most famous wives in the US. Heres is the video, you will see here opening curtains or something…