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I know the title says “Strippers” but this is really for any chick marketing her body for money. How can you get naked just to be getting naked? You should have some sort of plan. That way you don’t end up like many women still dancing at 40. Choose to go to school get a trade, even something as siple as paying off your car. You want to be able to accelerate to a greater career path.

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Everything is all great until Spring arrives. Suddenly the not so long convos turn into, calls sent straight to voicemail. Then you jump on a scale and realize you are 30 pounds heavier and now too fat to be chasing ballers during All Star.( Oh maybe that was just me).

Either way the beauty of the new boo phases out. I have no idea how to keep the flame going. That’s not what this blog is about. However, I’m pretty sure if you just take the time not to get stuck in repitition, the relationship might have a chance.

The fun part about new love for me is the falling asleep on the phone together. The moment when you are telling your friends about how awesome he is. (This is usually before, he tries to holla at that same friend). But none the less, new romances can be fun. Just don’t invest so much into it. Pick up a hobby or another boo to allow yourself the time to get to know the other person.

That way when Spring arrives, and your boo starts acting up. You either can go play with your other boo, or sell all the pottery you made. I go with option number 2, financial gain is always a win for me.

Here’s a cute video I found that hit my feelings on the subject matter to a T. Enjoy..