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Is this airbrushed?

Who knew he had shows, Anywho. The raplete, was booted from the Austrailian music festival. Also, his entourage’s hotel room was raided. According to authorities, drug officials got a tip that these fools were in their room gettng high. When police raided the suite they found a clip seal bag with 16 grams of marijuana, a joint with one gram of cannabis, three grinders, a set of scales covered in specks of marijuana, a gold capsule of tetrahydra cannabis, a Viagra tablet, a 10ml bottle of liquid cannabis and a Uzi taser. Apparently, this somehow made Flo Rida unable to perform.

But wait?! What was that Viagra about? Flo is 33, please say he’s not a minute man? Someone find Eva and ask her what the deal is. The person who took the fall, was the flunkie, aka bitch boy aka his personal asssistant. He got a slap on the wrist and obviously had to leave the country. Ok, heres a little advice, if you are not hot in America, don’t go overseas messing up your fan relationships.

*Please note that all of these things mentioned are not to be considered hard facts, these are things that were told to me from a reliable source*

I guess times are very hard in many people lives, specially of that of raplete Diamond. If you do not know who she is please Google. It is said that the 23 year old rapper, was in Dallas making numerous trips on the dime of her “lesbain lover” Olivia Storm while she was dating fellow raplete Scrappy.

It is said that Olivia Storm, is a rapper from Dallas who was promised, a label deal with Diamond’s record label. Apparently, things went awry with the song “She Bad” when Diamond recycled the verse and used it on another track. Olvia, who paid for the track,studio, verse from Diamond was told from Diamond’s people not to promote or use the song anymore. However, Olivia Storm owns the rights since she paid.

Now, I don’t know if Diamond is open about her bisexuality but now she can be. But, who cares about sexual orientation when you are just a fraud ass person. Even if she was not having a sexual relatiosnhip with this women, how are you going to just not let her have the song? Is she supposed to just be out of money, a song and a relationship?

You hoes have no manners…and obviously not alotta money. Below is a picture of all three at a party in Dallas. Olivia is in the center. Also, included is the song “She Bad“… The song sounds pretty good, I’m so sorry this happened to Olivia… This is a dirty industry.


So, I hear that July 26th, which is actually the 6 year anniversary for 101 is the release date. I really hope since the album is completed that this is when this happens… I have been waiting for Jeezy to tear Rick Ross ass (NO HOMO) for about two years! I mean other than stealing pretty much 78% of Jeezy’s style, Ross is a cool rapper in the genre of music Jeezy created. I say created because yeah dudes were talking about selling drugs etc but no one had the delivery, team or lyricism of Jeezy.

Trap Music, was all of Jeezy and yes, Yo Gotti, Rick Ross,Pusha T all rap about the same concept but no one solidified it quite like Jeezy. I really hope he is able to bring back the feel good, motivation street music like he did the first time. Here is some behind the scenes footage from the video Ballin ft Lil Wayne.



Almost two years after being sentenced for shooting his self in the thigh,(Raplete)Plaxico Burress is released from prison. The 34 year old former Wide Receiver for the NY Giants is happy to return home. Home in Florida he has a wife and two children who are anxious to see him. Burress is to have said that he wants to return to football after things are settled.

I truly hope that they give him the same opportunity that they gave Michael Vick. I mean he shot his self, no one was hurt no dogs, no mice just him. I’m guessing he was working out in jail, he doesn’t look all fat or anything. I am sure he can get back to the NFL way of life clubbing and h*es.  oh, wait hes married so no h*es…As If!

I guess if they can ever sift through this lockout mess, he may get an opportunity to redeem his self.

Slim N Letoya

 Again this is a semi-blind item…I’m stabbing at this, because I don’t know anything but what I hear. But, I ran across this picture on INDMIX.COM

I must say that this is a great look! I was actually kinda sad when I found out they had broke up the first time. I say this because they are adorable together.

Lets be real here for a second I know Slim has to be tired of fcuking all kinds of bitches. Hell I’m tired of hearing about it if hes not. LOL and Letoya Luckett seems to be a very sweet girl. I always say you cant help who you love. If this union is a go, I’m all for it. If nothing else but a hot song gets done well so be it!


Rehab...It's whats for Dinner

 According to TMZ  the Former boxer (Raplete) had checked into rehab to deal with his substance abuse. This is all brought on not to long after, his extra martial affairs surfaced. (I know nothing about the drag story Google it) Well, im not sure why he is blaming coke or what have you for the things he did with his d*ck. Just like a man, to blame someone or something else. Why not just man up and say look (whoever his wife is) you live great, let me FCUK these hoes. I personally could respect that.

But, if you would like to believe that his cheating does stem from substance abuse. Well heres hoping he gets the help he needs. Do I smell a celebrity rehab brewing?