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Hmmm first of all let me say that I am a Christian, so I’m not speaking from an “outside the box” point of view. This show seems pretty interesting and I am indeed going to tune in. The reason is preachers get such a bad rap, so I am very curious as to what this show is going to do, to dispel those rumors. If they in fact can or will they show the side people love to criticize. Thoughts that they are money grubbing, hypocrites, who are flashy and indeed the biggest sinners. Anyone can be what I described but I must admit a preacher should be held to a higher standard.

In the clip one of the pastors state …”rappers shouldn’t be the only ones driving a Ferrari”. I definitely agree with this statement, I think that if a pastor is responsible for the lives of thousands of people he should drive whatever his heart desires. I do think that anyone who is living a good life, who praises God should have what they desire. I don’t get into the semantics of who is a sinner, and this or that is bad. I just feel like you should be a good samaritan, willing to help others, selfless. None of us will ever be perfect, we will always inevitably do something “wrong”. So, pastors, preachers, you and I will never be perfect and we can and will make mistakes.


Well it looks pretty entertaining and I plan to watch and take notes. Watch a preview, and set your DVR for Wednesday Oct 9th at 9pmCST. Hopefully they catch and old lady shouting so hard her wig falls off.

It looks like Steebie and The Puerto Rican princess are officially LPG “Life Partner Gang”. They’ve been walkin around flaunting the ring but nothing was ever confirmed. After Joseline went AWF on the season finale of LHHATL, when Stevie decided to include MiMi. I honestly thought it might be a wrap for them. As MiMi sat back in true shady boots form, drinking champagne and laughing. Stevie took to twitter to put the rumors to rest.


Hmmmm. Chiiile we know Stevie and nem’ , are all about the publicity and getting them coins. The two will be getting a spin off show (thanks VH1) so who knows if this marriage is real or fake. These two get the *side eye*. Good luck to Joseline she’s gonna need all the prayer cloths, Xanax and Prozac she can get riding shot gun on the Stevie bus. Girl I guess.

Do you think this marriage will last?





We reported a few weeks ago that K. Michelle’s new boo may or may not be creeping with his ex on the low. Welp. It looks as though these blogs are leaving K and her boo NBA star Lance Stephenson completely unbothered. They were spotted vacationing together in Puerto Rico. Either K knows what’s really good or she simply doesn’t care. Either way I’ll let these two be great.


K.Michelle’s beach body is super on point. WERK WERK WERK!


Just when you think you’ve seen every type of reality show imaginable, BLOOP! They got us with another one. One things for sure, two things for certain. I guarantee you have never seen a reality show like this before. Don’t believe me? Well let me clue you in. The newest reality show to come out of none other than ATL, is a series called “Tha Life”. The show will be following around a group of gay men, some in the closet and some on the Down Low. The show will follow these uber professional men as some continue to date women, while the others will try to come out the closet. Whewww YASSS, yall better get into this Snapple Georgia peach sweet tea.

I’m super excited for a show like this and the fact that it’s filmed in ATL makes me even more interested. Mona Scott Young? girl is that you? If you ask me, this show is rather late. Considering how accepted alternative lifestyles are in 2013.


Peep The trailer and leave your thoughts:


After Kenya Moore’s appearance on RHOA , it’s safe to say she left a bad taste in a lot of viewers mouths. There were those fake relationship “rumors” about Walter and just her overall disposition. As much as we all LOVEE a basket full of shady boots, many were unsure if Kenya would even be asked back for another season. Well honeyyyy , not only was Ms. Moore asked back , she will also be receiving a major salary increase.

Sources have confirmed that Kenya has negotiated  $600,000 for season 6. Now twirl on THAT! I am not MAD at all, make them coins girl. If Kenya can’t do nothing else (like keep a man or tell a believable lie),  she can sure make some money.

According to Us Weekly, NeNe Leakes and Kandi Burruss are still the HBIC’s earning a salary of $800,000 per season. While Phaedra Parks and Porsha Stewart bank around $50,000. Hey, get in where you fit in. The more drama you bring the bigger the pay out…clearly. Since Kenya is cashin out, Bravo will be expecting a full return on that investment, which means Kenya will be overdosing on Twirls and Twerking. Yes maam for Ms. USA or Ms. America…yall know what I mean.

It wouldn’t be right if Linnethia didn’t  get these girls together. Mrs. Leakes tweeted:


Just saw a list of all the new reality  shows that r coming soon! Everybody is a  reality star now! WOW! I gotta go




Will you be watching?


On Tuesday, January 29 at 10pm ET/PT, TLC reveals the fascinating and controversial world of celebrity ex-wives and ex-girlfriends with the new series STARTER WIVES CONFIDENTIAL. Each hour-long episode shares the lives of seven women who supported their former husbands/boyfriends before the fame and wealth made them the men they are today. They devoted their time, money, and support to the men they loved. Now, these women are working on moving forward and starting over on their own, with a new focus on creating a path in life that will give themselves and their children the security and success they know they deserve.

The cast includes:

Zakia Baum: Ex-girlfriend of Jermaine “Maino” Coleman; mother of his son.
Cheryl Caruso: Ex-wife of mobster Phillip Caruso, and mother of his 2 daughters.
Josie Harris: Ex-girlfriend of Floyd Mayweather; mother of his three children.
Monica Joseph-Taylor: soon to be ex-wife of Aston “Funkmaster Flex” Taylor; mother
to his two children.
Liza Morales: Ex-girlfriend of Lamar Odom; mother of his three children.
Tashera Simmons: Ex of Earl “DMX” Simmons; mother of four of his children.


At first I was a little skeptical about the whole show but, after I did some investigating about the women involved, I am kind of curious. The women involved were all down since day one. They were the women who held their men down, not some groupies they picked up along the way. From radio personalities, to boxers these are an array of women who live normal lives with Celebs as the men in their lives. I definitely will be tuned in to see what happens.

Make sure you are all tuned in to Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen tomorrow where Courtney and Matt will be co-hosting. They will be on immediately following the season finale of Most Eligible Dallas.

According to OHSOCYNTHIA ,fellow Dallas Blogger. She says Matt was caught making out with Taylor Armstrong this past weekend.

I thought they were just friends?! Clearly, we have some friends with benefits going on here. Moving along, make sure you tune into the finale and stay tuned for WWHL :)

Im not the biggest fan of this show…I really hate to watch shows without a drop of color. Unless t’s just so dynamic with its characters. For example a Jersey Shore or Sex in the City. It just didn’t do much for me but since I live in Texas I supported it. It just seemed like alot of these chicks didn’t represent the thought BIG RICH TEXAS to me. But anywho, the season finale watch party was hosted by Bonnie and Whitney at the gay club Drama Room.

Dallas Blogger OHSOCYNTHIA. Managed to get some pictures from the party…

Daren Martin (Melissas BF) Holding Sign

She mentions that they weren’t compensated well by Style and that Season 2 will start being filmed soon. I really hope that they spice this next season up a little…Can we some some great red carpet or charity events? Show them how much money really is in Dallas.
I leave you with a video of a full episode just in case you want to see what all the fuss is about.

Big Rich Texas_"Gunning for Trouble" s01-e07 by 1BadboyMMA

Yall know Shaunie ain’t shit for this right? They have grouped the wackiest, hoodest hoes together and created pure coonery times two. Yet somehow, many of you tuned in. Tuned in to see a mockery of something that was once considered elite. I have never seen this many egos,well since the regular Basketball Wives.

At what point do women just draw the line on how much foolishness they are willing to endure. Then VH1 gives us full court with Lala, but that shit works better than Tylenol PM causing you drowsiness. I personally am tired of “reality tv”. It’s not on the fly, it’s obviously scripted. I am just over it.

What purpose does Draya serve? Did she resolve those child abandonment issues? Why are men dicking down a woman who has child endagerment issues? But, shes actually ok with me because she owns up to her hoe shit. She also is the most attractive, shallow you say, I know.

I didn’t watch but a few minutes and was turned off by everything. If we are going to show women who should have common sense, acting completely ridiculous we might as well have a show about hoodrats, strippers and prostitutes on TV. I can atleast relate and accept that they are happy being completely erratic.