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We all remember when Katy Perry and Rihanna were BFF’S, Rihanna was even asked to be a bridesmaid at Katy’s wedding. Lately you haven’t really seen the two together. Rih has been touring and wylin at the same damn time and it seems Katy has been living life a little low-key.

Capital FM Reports:

Katy Perry has opened up on her friendship with Rihanna and said that she still “loves” the fellow female star. The ‘Firework’ singer told Elle UK that she always loves bumping into the Bajan star but thinks like many other stars in the business, she has a “detrimental” entourage. “I love her [Rihanna] and every time I see her, I’m reminded of the light that she has,” she told the magazine. “There’s a lot of dark in this business. I know a lot of people out there with the most detrimental entourages – they are the root of their demise. She concluded: “It’s really unfortunate but you can’t save these people. My days of celebrity saving are over.” It was rumored the pair had fell out in recent months and haven’t been seen spending as much time together as they did in the past.

OOOP! Katy did you really have to go all the way in. What a nice way to say “I don’t F with her no more”. Cue “She aint into saving these hoes”. I’m almost certain Rihanna will clap back and it wont be soo nice. Give Rih a shot of patron and watch her go.

Just in case your ass is on late bus time, there was a bottle brawl involving rapletes, Chris Brown, Meek Mill and Drake. It has yet to be confirmed what all took place. Just know Chris got hurt, Drake hid in a bathroom n Meek Mill kicked some hoes off the tour bus. Which also left two victims, in the bottle melee.


Meek Mill went and told… that Drake nor Chris Brown threw anything… Well duh, did we expect him to admit he seen some grown men doing women’s work in the club? I have no idea what happened but somebody is about to get a check. Wish it was me!! I would have loved to have hit myself in the stomach and got me some lap band surgery.

Nothing epic ever happens when I got out!! One thing for CERTAIN Rihanna needs to be putting whatever is inside her coochie on the market!! Well at any rate stay tuned and find out what happens next on the Rapper Wives…

Threes Company

Well damn! Many sites, (Google if you don’t believe me) are reporting that Katy Perry is going to link up with Rihanna to an island or some sort. Possibly, Barbados or Mexico to discuss the latest events of Katy’s Divorce. (Sounds like some hoe shit to me personally) But, thats not even the kicker to me any how. Russel Brand and Katy Perry did not have a prenup, therefore it is said that Brand may receive up to 31 million!!!!

Girl what the fcuk were you sipping on? You should have kissed some lawyers with some papers and liked that shit. Now this piss poor ass actor is about to get your monies! I wanna know what is making Katy run to Rihanna? Because, this was the same chick, who didn’t attend your wedding. But hmmmmm, did she tell you not to rush into this marriage? Rihanna, is a tad off but she probably saw this coming.

Oh well Katy, give that fool his money and be done with it, don’t sit up and fight it out. See will he just settle. He is such a bum for this move. She should have stayed with that other boy, what was his name? *Runs to Google* Travis McCoy, he seemed liked he wouldn’t have pulled any mess like this. Well, I guess after Mel Gibson’s ex getting 400+ millions and Vanessa Bryant expected to get hundreds of millions. This is a win for the men… PRESSSSSSSSED!

2727 Crossview (Loacted near Westheimer and Fondren) the new home for Dreams in Houston was a blaze this weekend. Mega star Rihanna came in for a visit…Was it to see the feature dancer Maliah Michelle? I say that, because she was featured in raplete Drakes video and refrenced in many of his songs…Rihanna is who supposedly rumored to be dating Drake, might have came in to see her boo’s favorite dancer. Or, maybe she really just wanted to see some fat asses and pretty faces.

Can I take this time to say what up!!! To my personal favorite LYNN…Yes Lawd, she is the cats meow LOL

They say she got on stage and was blowing money fast! I have no clue, I was not there..Why, I dont know?! But anywho, sources say she had a great time and even went to the batroom there… Now I wonder what wierdo went and looked for that piece of toilet paper.

Make sure when you are Houston to hit up one of the hottest Gentlemans Club, tell them Zeralyn and Rihanna sent you.

I'm Not The Shooter...I'm The Bullet Bitch

Ummm, I watched this video that subsequently made me want some Jerk Chicken. What exactly am I looking for? I mean yeah sure, it’s not very child friendly but is S&M? This lady shows up to awardshows naked, are you really surprised? I mean other than the killing aspect there isn’t to much wrong. Why can’t BET blur that portion of the video? I definitely understand where the parents are coming from, I have been said Rihanna’s image isn’t for young girls.

Rihanna resulted to taking to Twitter,(like that’s her only media platform) and said “I’m a 23 year old rockstar with NO KIDS! What’s up with everybody wantin me to be a parent?” Hmmm, well to a certain aspect she is correct however when you’re in the limelight you have to be cognizant of the images you portray. Parents should really monitor what their kids are watching, even if it is just music videos. Not all music is made for kids.

I dig Miss Rapunzel’s hair and the color in the video. The video to me is no worse than a Lifetime movie or Hugh Hefner and all his girlfriends.I guess it’s good BET decided to keep the video even though it is receiving such negative reviews.


London Fashion Show ( Color Blocking)

BOLD seems to be the fashion trend for the summer! From make-up to clothing to accessories every designer is packing on the color! Color blocking isn’t something new at all. Using your imagination and the color wheel, you can transform some of the most basic pieces into colorful statements. Gucci and Prada have been sending down the runway very bold statement pieces. As you can see on the cover of Elle Katy Perry is wearing a Gucci suit.

Katy Perry in Gucci Color Blocking

Another singer who dabbles in color blocking often is the talented Leona Lewis, if you google her images you will find she is styled in a lot of  Neon blocking techniques. Mostly the pairing of neon colors with dark blues and greens… Using dark blue and dark Green is another way not to wear black all the time, yet have a more subtle color than Mint or Fuchsia per se.

Leona Lewis using Neons to Color Block

Now if your not a fashionista or perhaps don’t have runway funds of course you can color block too. Forever 21, H&M and American Apparel are all places that I personally shop and know carry a lot of cute pieces that can be used for the purpose of color blocking. Now, if you really know what you are doing try patterns too.

Forever 21 Color Blocking

Its definitely the time to break away from the blacks,grays and dark gloomy colors. Its time to step into the fun of color and embrace all the colors of the color wheel. The block party doesn’t stop with just clothing either shoes,handbags and jewelry have all have been laced with this seasons trends…I leave you with one more example, miss Rihanna in a perfect Popparazzi picture.Shes using her hair to use color blocking too.


Rihanna shined and didnt look trashy for once at the 2011 Billboard Music Awards. She had a very seduvtice adrgodgenous look in the Maz Azria pantsuit. One of the summers hottest fashion trends is the deep V-neck cut blouse. She owned the red carpet from her hair to her toes…ALSO, see her gorgeous make-up.

RiRi face is BEAT! Not Breezy beat, LOL

The lip color is EVERYTHING! It’s a natural face but the lip color gives it that little pop.

Kelly Rowland

Kelly Rowland showed up and showed at the awards. In a pink Herve Ledger dress that hugged every inch of her super toned body. Paired with fun accessories and beautiful shoes. This look was phenomenal, what a way to perform without performing. You must see a close of of this make up…

Pretty as a picture...

Wearing one of the summers best fashion tips, the bold lip color accents her skin tone perfectly. These two ladies definitely looked fabulous for the red carpet. I’m still trying to find out what kind of shoes Kelly was wearing.