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Artist S. Fresh is leading the way this last quarter with the launch of his Good Life Mob clothing, He has also had an array of hostings across the southern region. No suprise here, since he is pushing a “Red Cup” movement in Texas. His mixtape Red Cups and After Partys is still available on and a lot of gals are liking the “Exotic” track.

Take a look at his visit during his Red Cups and After Partys release across the 3rd Coast.

Red Cups are symbolic to the Texas drank culture. As a former Texas resident, I grasp the concept of “drank in my cup, man hold up”. So no surprise here when artist S. Fresh took the concept on his latest mix-tape “Red Cups and After Partys” … While pushing his latest single “Like Me” the rapper, is steadily working on other videos and his GLM brand.

Hosting parties, as well as doing shows has kept the rapper busy. However, he has stil had time to cultivate a fourth quarter press run that would make a veteran rapper nervous. From Shreeveport to Houston, Atlanta to Dallas. The rapper is definitely making his presence known.

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