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Happy Birthday to Gwen Stefani! The singer, songwriter, and fashion designer turned 42 today! I was only 1986 she was a part of group No Doubt . In 2004 she released her first solo album and followed with a sophomore album that both sold over 18 million records. She also has a clothing line L.A.M.B. and Harajuku Lovers, which is also a part of her fragrance line.

She is married to singer Gavin Rossdale and they have two children together. She recently hooked up with Target to create, Harajuku Mini Collection of accessories and apparel to be sold exclusively at Target stores starting Nov. 13. Enjoy one of my favorite songs of hers Luxurious Ft Slim Thug.

Ok so, I put lil stars over the important tweet… LOL Anywho I am guessing Ikem from Indmix noticed lil mama had the same outfit on two nights in a row…Now I repeat outfits so that’s not my beef, it’s wearing them two nights in a row..


and Saturday…

Actually it just looks like she wore the skirt… The tops look like there is some variation…Who cares, It’s funny to me. But she is too pretty for all that…Even Slim cheap ass said he would buy her a new one.

Slim N Letoya

¬†Again this is a semi-blind item…I’m stabbing at this, because I don’t know anything but what I hear. But, I ran across this picture on INDMIX.COM

I must say that this is a great look! I was actually kinda sad when I found out they had broke up the first time. I say this because they are adorable together.

Lets be real here for a second I know Slim has to be tired of fcuking all kinds of bitches. Hell I’m tired of hearing about it if hes not. LOL and Letoya Luckett seems to be a very sweet girl. I always say you cant help who you love. If this union is a go, I’m all for it. If nothing else but a hot song gets done well so be it!