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Looks as though Sean Kingston is back at it. With the expected release of something soon I guess. Most rappers usually pick up trophy pieces before they launch new albums, mix tapes or whatever. The pop star made sure to show off his inspiration. That none other than the ample booty of stripper/model Maliah.

Well lets hope she can forge a long lasting situation like Blacc Chyna and leave the club all together. Congrats I think…

Did yall know Sean Kingston is 23 and Maliah is like 33 right? Hmm guess old chicks are getting them babies. You young girls watch yourselves. LOL

In case you forgot Maliah’s capabilities *cough* heres a video…

I know the title says “Strippers” but this is really for any chick marketing her body for money. How can you get naked just to be getting naked? You should have some sort of plan. That way you don’t end up like many women still dancing at 40. Choose to go to school get a trade, even something as siple as paying off your car. You want to be able to accelerate to a greater career path.

This video is just a series of videos, I will be doing. So stay tuned, SUBSCRIBE on Youtube and peep the blog. Have a great day!!


First and for most, I want this to be discussed critically, I welcome feedback. I am not giving my opinion based on something I read about or heard about. This is personal, because this involves a part of my own life. Recently, model Pebblez Da Model was arrested on charges of homicide due to butt-injections.(She is to be considered innocent until proven guilty) Now, being that I knew her personally I was taken aback by this news, so immediately I investigated the matter. Apparently a young woman from Atlanta was murdered when she received butt-injections packed with cement. My goodness, CEMENT!! The stuff you lay on sidewalks that last for years. SOMEONE, negligently put this is a human’s body. Where was this person’s moral compass? But wait; let me take you back to a place, so you can familiarize yourself with why I think this is so inhumane.

June of 2006, I recently got out of the military and embarked on what I feel now to be a foolish, yet inspiring journey. I began dancing, I was about 140 pounds or smaller and had ZERO behind. I mean the thong was baggy. This situation of having no ass was bad, Michael Jackson BAD. So I had a friend that referred me to a person (no names) that administered me about $700 worth of shots. Now, being that I had no butt I didn’t want to go from ZERO to 60 overnight. I felt, a little bump would get me by. First of all, let me tell you about this needle. This needle had to be horse needle; I have NEVER seen anything this big in my life. I would say that the part of the needle that actually goes inside of you is about 6 inches long. Let’s talk about the pain, this person, told me for an extra couple hundred dollars she could numb the area. I foolishly declined, thinking that I was tough. I screamed like a skillet was being shoved in my butt no KY. That’s exactly how it felt. She put whatever, (To this day I have no idea what was put in my butt, we will get back to this) I mean Jello, peanut butter, gelatin, silly putty could possibly be swag surfing in my butt to this day. BUT, I will say that what I saw looked clearish and after about 9 shots, in both of my cheeks I could barely walk. She sealed the shots with super glue and stuck a cotton ball on the end. She then told me to soak the cotton balls off that night. Well, being the fast, flight catching heffa, I was at the time. I had to wobble to the airport to make a flight. AS SOON as I got to my destination I soaked off the cotton balls. I remember the dude I went to see was like, “did you get shots?” I remembered feeling good because I felt like, I FINALLY HAD A BIG BUTT.

Naivety and low self-esteem are the things I attribute to hazardously placing foreign matter in my body. In the three years that I danced, I had seen girls go from sticks to build a bears. Well, build a strippers. Even women who were just modeling, or just wanted an enhancement all came looking for the cheap alternative for getting an ass. Let me tell you something, my butt is bigger now than it ever was. I say it was because of natural body changes and squats. I now have to worry about some foreign matter in my body that could possibly make me ill, for a few years of “living the life” or “dancing”. I always get girls emailing me asking where they can get shots. Mainly because I am an open book, I feel no need to live in shame of my choices. Maybe this story can inspire just one girl from making this possibly life threatening choice. It was dumb, I regret it. I would NEVER recommend this to any girl. Love your future health and you more than some man’s objectivity. That money you are investing into a butt, so some raggedy man can say you are fine, invest it in your teeth, your hair, your skin. TRUST when I say someone will like you for you, no need to conform your body to make someone else temporarily happy. Looks fade, but work on something that lasts like your soul.

No back alley, mystery concoction, is worth your health. I sit and wonder in 20, 30 years will all of us, who made that life choice feel as pleased. Now having to watch our health for things swimming in our blood stream. Now if you want to go to a REAL doctor and get those enhancements done. By all means knock yourself out. I am not opposed to plastic surgery. Then I wonder about Pebblez, who is now sitting in jail. Does she feel responsible for this other woman’s death? Even if she just referred the girl, she is somehow responsible in my opinion. All of us, who have gotten this done know that this is illegal and could possibly have some health ramifications. So we are all guilty to some degree for not being proactive about the dangers of this situation. For going and getting bigger butts so we can feel accomplished when Drake walks in the club and demands the girls with the biggest butts. What a joke. This lifestyle is so fickle and not one you can make a career out of. Invest in yourself ladies, not things that fade like simple butt shots. It’s just not worth it.

Do not be alarmed, that is not Justin Beiber grabbing some black tail. INDEED that is Miley Cyrus, yes Hannah Monatana herself love dem strippas like 2 Chainz. Why she aint hit Black Chyna? Wait, did Black Chyna retire? I would after hitting the Tyga baby daddy jackpot. Any who, Miley turned 20 and is defintely letting it be known she wants to escape the squeaky clean past she is associated with.

I honestly am just happy she is drug free, you know how that child star syndrome goes. I would rather her grab some butt shots and some lemon pepper wings, than a pipe. Mazel Tov to Miley getting it in! She better turn up! I actually can’t wait to hear what music she release in the near future. She is rather talented so she has endless possibilities.

I love Party In The USA by Miley cyrus… Watch it here. Support the naked hustle Miley!

Ok, I went to her site…But, then I kept thinking about this video. So, imma be real and say those pics with the red hair don’t do her justice… Anywho, check out her video dancing it was amazing. Well to me it is. I am very easy to please though lmaoooo. To see more of India, check out India Baby

As a former stripper, my heart always will be with young girls aspiring to do more than, just shake it for a little cash. Here is Gucci, a dancer in Dallas, Texas. She is a phenomenal pole dancer and is capable of captivating the crowd.

As she looks to make her mark on the industry, she has been modeling and featured in videos. Here is just a small sample of the talent that she possesses. A big shout out to Tripp Wall, who is a great photographer, who also shot the video.
Make Sure you follow her on Twitter Gucci .

Hey yall! It’s been a minute since I featured a dancer. So today, I bring you footage of the snack pack, straight out of Magic City in Atlanta.

The main of the trio is dancer Gigi Maguire who has been a feature dancer at various clubs around the nation. She has also embarked into teaching pole classes. If you look her up on Twitter you will find her info.

I love that this video shows their athleticism, great bodies and innovative pole moves. My favorite move is at 47 seconds, makes me want to get a pole.

Josephine Baker

There are so many famous women who used to be strippers from Eve, Josephine Baker, Trina, Lady Gaga, Gypsy Rose Lee, Cortney Love, Anna Nicole Smith, Amber Rose, to even one of my favorite writers Diablo Cody. Oddly Diablo Cody is someone who I wouldn’t mind modeling my own career path after. Adult entertainers, strippers or whatever you have them labeled as are mostly just mere entertainment. Women taking their clothes off for money is nothing new its been here since man was created. Yet in 2011, where we live in America with a BLACK president,(remember Blacks were once considered 3/5 of a human being) women who strip maintain some of the harshest labels around.

I told a staff member at the local radio station I wanted to intern. He then told me that I would always be looked at as a stripper and had no way to move up in that area. Of course I laughed, but then it really started to occur to me that perhaps he was right. Will I be 57 years old someday and people ask me “did you used to strip?” EWWWW! What a strange thought, but all I can hope for is that my future accomplishments outshine the fact I take my clothes off for money.

I can only imagine how hard it was for Josephine Baker, a beautiful talented woman who was judged by her peers for dancing nude. Her era was in the 1930′s. Women had no voice in this period, let alone a black woman. Yet, she prevailed as an activist not only fighting racism but also, serving as a form of liberation for all women. To this day, she is remembered as a great entertainer with a huge heart who faught for equal rights.

I guess my question is this, do people always judge you for being a stripper even if you change careers? I’m just thinking to myself I can’t imagine being a doctor and someone refusing to use my services. All because I let someone slip some money in a g-string. So shallow and ignorant yet, im sure that is definetely a thought that would cross someones mind. Most strippers go to work, get their money and go home. However there are girls who do extra things for money and have drug issues. So do police officers,teachers and postal workers.

I’m truly blessed to experience the things that I have, and I have no regrets. I’m sure that if you talk to Trina or Lady Gaga they will say it made them a better person. Being able to be comfortable, while nude in front of strangers is one of the bravest things you can do. If you can do that, i’m sure you can do anything. I have a NO FEAR policy. I guess if you read this I just want you to know that most women have goals beyond stripping and to embrace them making that change. Don’t judge them based on an experience or what you heard. Encourage and support those who seek to do better.

Once a STRIPPER not AFRAID to do anything :0)

LMAO! Aye yo, Just parked a liar in my living room WHOOP! KOD(that’s King of Diamonds) famous stripper Black Chyna, and her friend called out Rick Ross. Who, reportedly said he spent ONE MILLION DOLLARS on his birthday. Now, that just sounds like bull shit. No one believed this did they? See, this is my problem with Rick Ross. He is a good rapper but I need him to somewhat back up the shit he is saying. What would have been wrong with him spending a thousand? That’s believable! I’m guessing, that wasn’t good enough.

Talk about when keeping it real goes wrong….unh!