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Personally, with it being in the triple digits this summer I have preferred to wear my hair curly so I can jump in and out the pool. I do not want to be plugging up curling irons and flat irons trying to supress my naps and conform them in this weather. One of the biggest trends for this summer going into fall is the feather in the hair. Well I am not one for looking like Yankee Doodle, but to each their own.

Now abouve is a style I can deal with, The “sleek Ponytail”..This hairstyle worn by Megan Fox, is a simple yet anytime hairstyle that looks great whenever.

Now Cheryl Cole, is like me. We love big ass hair. The “big teased look” is very commonly used on the runway and red carpet. People who often wear their hair like this is, Beyonce, Khloe Kardashian and Tasha Smith. I think this trend should never go out of style!!!!

Lastly I leave you with a video of my stylist Bridegett H, Her Site .
who has worked with various notable people for hair and make-up doing a sew in video. I am in love with Brazillian Remy and find that best for my hair.(I order my hair at Elite Hair .) Watch this video for girls who are scared to get a weave and want to try something new this fall!

With Fall around the corner, It’s time to start preparing yourself for what’s going to be hot this season… Here are just a few of the items that I found most desginers are going to pushing down the runway for Fall 2011…


Christian Dior Cavaliere Calfskin Bootie


Fendi Collection Fur Coat


Jimmy Choo Fall 2011 Ad Campaign Featuring Snake Skin Pumps, Suede Booties and Fur Bag

As you can see in the above picture, Jimmy Choo is using all of the Fall trends in the new Ad Campaign. Make sure all my fashionistas are using some of the Falls hottest trends in your wardrobe. If you don’t indulge in dead animals many lines offer faux furs and skins.

London Fashion Show ( Color Blocking)

BOLD seems to be the fashion trend for the summer! From make-up to clothing to accessories every designer is packing on the color! Color blocking isn’t something new at all. Using your imagination and the color wheel, you can transform some of the most basic pieces into colorful statements. Gucci and Prada have been sending down the runway very bold statement pieces. As you can see on the cover of Elle Katy Perry is wearing a Gucci suit.

Katy Perry in Gucci Color Blocking

Another singer who dabbles in color blocking often is the talented Leona Lewis, if you google her images you will find she is styled in a lot of  Neon blocking techniques. Mostly the pairing of neon colors with dark blues and greens… Using dark blue and dark Green is another way not to wear black all the time, yet have a more subtle color than Mint or Fuchsia per se.

Leona Lewis using Neons to Color Block

Now if your not a fashionista or perhaps don’t have runway funds of course you can color block too. Forever 21, H&M and American Apparel are all places that I personally shop and know carry a lot of cute pieces that can be used for the purpose of color blocking. Now, if you really know what you are doing try patterns too.

Forever 21 Color Blocking

Its definitely the time to break away from the blacks,grays and dark gloomy colors. Its time to step into the fun of color and embrace all the colors of the color wheel. The block party doesn’t stop with just clothing either shoes,handbags and jewelry have all have been laced with this seasons trends…I leave you with one more example, miss Rihanna in a perfect Popparazzi picture.Shes using her hair to use color blocking too.
Match your Lipstick and Nail Polish


So Summer is here in about 5 days and why shouldn’t you be ready with some of this seasons hottest trends. The first one I found out about is matching your lipstick with your nail color. NOW, me personally unless its Red, or Pink I will NOT be partaking of this. What kinda fool will I look like walking around with Neon yellow nails and lips? But hey, I’m all about fashion and ones own self of individuality. (Please don’t go look foolish and try to blame me!)

YES!!!! Now I personally love this! I think Nicki Minaj definitely helped pushed this movement. Neon Lip Color. What better way to get the world to see you in your great swimsuit and shades with the perfect lip color. My favorite Neonlip color to use is, Nars Schiap…Its about $25… But, explore your possibilities live life on the edge!



And lastly, Bold Make Up… I’ve seen many commercial ads for this on TV. The main collection I have seen used very nicely is the MAC Quite Cute Collection. The Collection is very bold and if you are not a MUA, if you take your time and play with the many pieces you could find some very pretty looks for yourself. Pictured below is the set. And remember is doesn’t have to be MAC try all kinds of different make-up.

MAC Quite Cute Collection