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How can you not love this face? I mean I tingle and my heart does a jingle just looking at it. Here are my reasons for James Harden being my #MCW (Man Crush Wednesday)… First of all, if it could work for Andre Drummond and Jenette Mccurdy why not me?!

!. James looks like he he’s nonchalant, he didn’t even comb his hair…
2. James is known to pay a few bills and Lord knows Im tired of my mom’s basement.
3. James is in the NBA I don’t like sports but I love drinking with white people in suites.
4. James always has bad chicks around, great opportunity for me to feel on a bunch of hot chicks.
5. James teeth look like they are sharp he’d be great for opening things around the house.
6. James pays bills did I mention that?
7. James loves the strip club… me too!!
8. James can sing :)
9. Did I mention the bills part
10. James aint got no kids!!

Welp here’s my #MCW salute to Mr Harden… Hey boo :)

It’s always sad to see love fall off, the sad part about this story is not only did it destroy a marriage but it destroyed reputations, and a career. Chad Johnson, now currently unemployed has took to Twitter and tweeting all day. Well today, he tweeted that he still loved his ex-wife Evelyn Lozada. Whom, he head-butted and the result was a divorce, the pull of their reality show and him being cut from the Miami Dolphins.

Now, if a chick had cut my career off there is no way in hell I’d tweet her anything but death threats. But, from my low levels of interaction I’ve had with Chad, I get the impression he truly loves her. I am quite sure he wants her back. I do think the major issue they had was with him cheating. If he could possibly prove he could be monogamous, perhaps she would give him a chance. If they still love each other they should try to work it out. Look at Rihanna and Chris Brown, ok that was a terrible example. None the less, maybe they need to have Iyanla come and fix their life or maybe just his so he can get the hell of twitter.

Blah… Give love a chance… check the tweets below

Sooooooo once upon a time, the above picture was my default on Twitter. This was in late 2009, and it made a many a thirst traps for actors, rappers and athletes. Or as I like to call them Rapletes. Many men jumped into my dm box talking about nothing and how they wanted to beat and skeet. I laughed and flirted heavily but nothing ever came of it. Until, one day I was watching Tyra Banks. She had a woman on the show that was talking about how to get far with men. Her advice was to make the first move and always with a compliment. Now, I couldn’t believe this, I use that at work all the time. But, I never thought to bring it outside of the work place.

So I decided that day to use the tip on some random person. So I had seen this particular raplete in my Timeline before. Then, one day someone Retweeted him into my timeline, (This will all be foreign to you if you don’t use Twitter) I @ him and said “Wow, your fcukkin sexy.”… Suddenly, he told me to follow him and I did.

Immediately, we began to talk back and forth via dm until maybe a few days later he sent me his number. We chatted heavily via text and exchanged pictures. I am never one to really put my face on a nakedy picture so I didn’t.( I will say, somewhere people do have topless pics with my face, but that’s about it LOL)

So we talked and texted maybe a week when suddenly he asked, can I fly you to Denver? Of course I agreed and within 48 hours I arrived at DIA. He had a car service pick me up and I arrived at his apartment.(FOOLISH) Within hours we were having sex, (Yes I too do hoe shit) and we went to Grand Lux. I ordered a Salisbury Steak. To this day my friend Kapri teases me about fcuking for steak.

None the less, I hung around a few days and went back home. We talked a little after that, but that was pretty much it. The basic moral of this story is to let you know that these men are predators on social sites. They pretend to like you and will fcuk you and send your ass back home. There are no feelings involved, they see some ass they want and purchase a ticket. I honestly would have felt better if he had gave me the money and not Delta.

As much as I like to pretend like I don’t care, and have no feelings, I do. So, I have learned to stop falling for the okie doke. Don’t be a notch on one of these losers belts. Demand that they fly you out, put you in a hotel and DO NOT FCUK them. If they get mad, oh well was nothing gained or lost. But, at least you don’t have another stupid body count.
Don’t have a Twitter #fail, treat these men like investors. Take the highest bidder… (*Bids aren’t limited to financially, it can be whatever your are yearning for*)

So yesterday I stumbled across, a Twitter fued that ended IMO hilariously!!!

While lurking yesterday I saw a RT on my timeline about @beautiful972. She was telling a girl that she got money because she spent $300 on hair and $175 on contacts. Yes I know, hold your comments. Then the girl she was arguing with @_thickiRicardo, stated that she didn’t like the girl and that she wasn’t sh*t for throwing up on her boyfriend d*ck while giving him head…

Anywho then the video surfaced that you can watch VIDEOHERE.

It’s definitely not safe work…She is fully aware that it is online and does not care. Hence, why I posted it. She says that it was a long time ago and with her boyfriend. I don’t really care about all that I just want to know why suck it soo, to the point you have to throw up? Oh and this background hunni, I have seen refugee camps look more appealing.

Yep thats the Twitter drama breakdown, stay tuned… I have more!

Well, who thought he WAS NOT going to deny the allegations Harris made on Howard Stern. He tweeted that she lied, but in a typical Chris Brown move he later deleted. Supposedly, he went on to tell followers that he felt “sad” for her. Ummm, am I the only one thinking that this is all one big pulblicity stunt?

Harris, who is 25 is said to be getting her kicks with Jordan McGraw. (Dr.Phil’s son) I thought it was pretty typical for women to break up with men and say their d*ck was small or they nut quick. Hef is 456773 years old, i’m sure this isn’t his first time hearing something like this.

Well CLEARLY he has moved on he is back with two other gals…Anna Sophia Berglund & Shera Bechard. Typical man moves, getting on to the next ones.


So Keri, who is the queen of putting her foot in her mouth. Has once again sent out a diss she can’t back up.

Like did she try to write or fcuk Amy and she told her no. She has been shooting soft slugs at Amy since Saturday. See, this picture here she tweeted and said something about Amy Winehouse being ressurected. What about your career Keri? Who will ressurect that?

So of course her publicist hit her and told her to try to downplay it. She made an attempt as grand as her singing to rectify the tweet but it was to late. Her shambled Twitter mentions regarding her TwitPic was already in progress.

It’s something deeper here than these mediocre disses. Is she upset that Amy Wihehouse was more successful than she? I mean I guess I would be upset to if a woman who was drugged out her mind was more successful than I. Does Keri have a grammy, a BET award hell a coupon for a free Chik-Fil-a?

This is a prime example of when you don’t center your anger. Why are you mad at Amy? You are too pretty and successful within your own right to be so malicious and petty…


Rocsi Diaz

Do people really feel if they put on a pair of Louboutins it makes anything hot?! Like I’m serious though, what made her wear this? And other than the shoes a lot of this looks like Wet Seal clothing.  Yesterday, leading to early this morning twitter was awry. The 106 N Park host, Rocsi was trending on Twitter because she had a photo-shopped joke going around about her stealing from Wet Seal.  Obviously Rocsi didn’t take to kindly to the false burglary charges and took to her Twitter to refute the claim she was a thief… But where was this resilience when rumors were spreading that she was the mistress involved in the break up of Lisa Raye McCoys marriage?

Oh! Could it be that was true and this was so very obviously wasn’t? Why get into your feelings box over a joke, started on Twitter? Thats why I laugh when people say… “Its only Twitter.” Well, is it really? I have seen many a people get upset, delete accounts, get into fights over what is said via Twitter. Well any who take a look at the article that was created by @ShugAveryPee  
So instead of Ms.Diaz just saying “its note true and oh its a joke”. She begins to threaten to sue bloggers and the creator. Like could you imagine all the law suits that would be going on if politicians were suing cartoonists…Since the beginning of time drawings were used to relay information, stories and jokes. What up to Benjamin Franklin , who printed the first editorial cartoon also known as a political cartoon. I understand that there is an aspect where jokes go too far. Hence, Tracy Morgan having to apologize to GLAAD here recently.  But there is definitely a difference between Satire and Slander.
Now here is another of Shug Avery where he goes in on Ciara and Keri Hilson engaging in a fight in Walmart…

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA! I really hope Rocsi realizes it’s a joke much like her past dressing style on 106 N Park. Lets live and let God, before Lisa Raye Tweets something. LOL Don’t forget to check out @ShugAveryPee

Heres some info about the creator, he is a satyrical blogger. Junior at Emory university. Sociology Major. Global Health minor. Specializes in Marketing, Development, Event planning. FOLLOW HIM!