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Last night after a year or two hiatus (I forgot how long its actually been), Basketball Wives season “who knows” finally aired. I must say it was not at all what I expected. Considering we watched Evelyn break down her entire incident with Chad via Iyanla Fix my life, I thought they would have moved on from that…Apparently not. Lots of cries and beat faces. Lets go in.

Evelyn: The show of course opens with Ev, I mean she is the star of BBW. Lots of tears and boo-hoo’s. I’ve gathered she still wants to be with Chad. I’m soo mad VH1 didn’t give her any concealer to hide that forehead scar. Shady boots indeed. Evelyn’s daughter basically tells her mom “Aint nobody like Chad anyway” Ironic since Shaunice seemed to like him a few seasons ago when he had gifts in tow. Evelyn cries some more with a flawless BEAT face. I was here for Evelyn’s fashions.

Tammy: Tammy talked about her mother passing and shed some tears to fake a** Shaunie. Tammy tells Evelyn she still loves Chad & makes some sort of Chris & Rihanna comparison. Oh and Tammy is still hood but with better hair and stuff.

Shaunie: GIIIIRL BOOOO!!! As much as I live for Shaunie and her lowkey instigating that new weave she debuted is a whole entire NO MA’AM!! Shaunie is still listening to everybodys issues and throwing in a slick jab every now and then.

Suzie: Got her grill fixed, I couldn’t tell. From the previews it looks as though she’s still messy and still scared of Tammy. Suzie hasn’t given head in months.

No Jen, No Royce and A new character that looks to be your typical “Black Woman”. Too many Chad Johnson references and frankly the episode bored me, however I’ll continue to watch and judge accordingly.


Unless you live under a rock or in a cave, you have seen or at least heard of LAHHATL. The Mimi , Joseline and Stevie triangle seems never ending. As much as I look forward to the ratchetness, I always wonder is this mess forreal? Mimi recently did a radio interview where in true form she goes in on Stevie and Joseline.

“Maybe one day when Stevie grows the f**k UP! –Yess GO IN Mimi!



Listen Below:


As much shade as Mimi may throw to Steebie and The Puerto Rican Princess, they stay winning. Right now the two are in talks for a spin off show.


“Well, yeah, absolutely. We really appreciate “Love & Hip Hop” the franchise and you know, we definitely in discussions about the spinoff right now.”

Hey, get them coins.



When it became public knowledge who would be playing the girls of TLC, we weren’t too happy. TLC was such a respected group, especially for the 80s babies. I’m gonna be honest, like many others I did not see it for KeKe Palmer, Lil Mama and Drew Sidora as the lead roles.

After watching the trailer, these girls are about to make a lot of people eat their words. Watching this was like watching TLC, Lil Mama is a dead ringer for Left Eye from what I’ve seen so far. I wasn’t gonna even bother with the movie, but I’m pretty excited to see how the girls pull this off. So far so good.


Watch the trailer and post your thoughts:

Damn, just when I was starting to like the stupid show it’s about to get canceled (well not really, but it will be since she is leaving) Vh1 has realeased a statement that Stacey Dash wont be returning to Single Ladies next season. On the grounds, she wants to be back in LA with her kids. Something tells me she probably just can’t get along with Lisa Raye and they aren’t giving her enough money to put up with it.

See, an INSIDER told me a long time ago Stacey Dash and Lisa Raye used to mess with eachother. I don’t know this to be true, but my insider is a reliable hair source. LOL Anywho, if you know anything about lesbians or women who have had sex with each other. Female relationships are hard enough without involvong sex, so imagine a great orgasm being involved. That’s some serious trouble.

Well, I hope she returns and if not the best of luck… And can you please stay out of rap videos…

Yall know Shaunie ain’t shit for this right? They have grouped the wackiest, hoodest hoes together and created pure coonery times two. Yet somehow, many of you tuned in. Tuned in to see a mockery of something that was once considered elite. I have never seen this many egos,well since the regular Basketball Wives.

At what point do women just draw the line on how much foolishness they are willing to endure. Then VH1 gives us full court with Lala, but that shit works better than Tylenol PM causing you drowsiness. I personally am tired of “reality tv”. It’s not on the fly, it’s obviously scripted. I am just over it.

What purpose does Draya serve? Did she resolve those child abandonment issues? Why are men dicking down a woman who has child endagerment issues? But, shes actually ok with me because she owns up to her hoe shit. She also is the most attractive, shallow you say, I know.

I didn’t watch but a few minutes and was turned off by everything. If we are going to show women who should have common sense, acting completely ridiculous we might as well have a show about hoodrats, strippers and prostitutes on TV. I can atleast relate and accept that they are happy being completely erratic.

MOB WIVES?! Whats Next Trap Wives?

Ah Ha! I see VH1 is trying our intelligence again, with this season of Mob Wives… I’m guessing that is supposed to quench our thirst, until Football Wives or Basketball Wives returns… (INSERT HEAVY SARCASM) I’m not sure what the code is for the mafia and mobsters, but I believe I’ve watched enough episodes of Sopranos to know. I thought, the mafia was like a secret society. The exploitation, of so many myths and ideals of wives of mobsters, basketball or football players has totally broken down their value. Every episode I see these women as average,trashy classless women. I know porn stars, who don’t exploit and degrade themselves like this.

I’m going to be honest my attention span for this show was very brief. Between the elongated introductions to familiarize you with the cast and the humdrum attitudes the plot fell flat. Until, I saw women in high end clothing and jewelry acting a plum fool. Just like Jerry Springer and Maury episodes, these women spun into physical rage. I myself have gotten into some physical altercations, but then again I’m not married to the mob.

I feel like these shows take away from the mystery and the beauty behind and an “elite” situation. Maybe that’s the reason other women tune in. Why should you feel like you are the queen of Staten Island? Here you are running around acting like something out of the projects. I actually like the shows because they show that these women are relatable. But when you are able to relate to someone, you are also capable of surpassing them even to the point of feeling superior.

Reality TV has essentially taken away the celebrity… Making people famous for nothing and breaking down people that were once looked at highly. I don’t know, I think I’m at my wits end for these type of shows. I’m tired of looking at women, seeing people who should be seen as role models, or something to aspire to be. Looking more like some hoe from around the way. Hopefully the next episode will be different but I doubt it.