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Look, I have no choice but to laugh at all the hoopla being risen about this twerking epidemic. In the 1960′s there was a dance called the twist that raised as much attention. Now, there is a large difference between twisting and twerking but think about the amount of technology between the 60′s and now. You would be a fool to think this isn’t as advanced. Should kids be doing this? No, but if parents would monitor there kids more, you could possibly catch them practicing for Players Club auditions.

Well a video elders react, get the reactions of some of them watching youtube clips of twerk videos. All this twerking and Ying Yang hasn’t managed a comeback? Atleast give them their proper homage. Watch the video, laugh a little and pray your daughter isn’t doing it for the Vine.

These sing is very different to say the least. I’m glad that FloRida stayed in the pop lane. Talk about a rapper that we know is getting that paper. They wanna see the “bubble yum”, are they trying to do a campaign for Bubble Yum? Sounds like something you might just want to work out too or hear when you go to Vegas. It definitely looks like they stole all of Sir Mix Alot’s swag on Baby Got Back though. Perhaps they were paying homage, who knows. Enjoy

Lavar Walker (born on the south side of Chicago) is an American comedian and actor. He has had appearances on BET’s ComicView, Jamie Foxx’s Lafapalooza, Robert Townsend’s Partner’s In Crime, and RJE’s Comedy Cabaret, the longest-running comedy college tour in the nation. Walker has also made appearances in various comedy clubs throughout the country. He is currently performing on the Rickey Smiley and Friends tour nationwide. A graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana, Lavar also holds a doctorate degree in pharmacy. Lavar is currently the host of the world reknowed uptown comedy club in Atlanta, Georgia every wednesday night better known as WILD OUT WEDNESDAY.

Currently on Shaq’s Comdey Tour with likes of Gary Owen and Michael Blackston. One of the funniest people I hae met and a great guy to work with. Make sure you check out his Website. And
follow him on Twitter . Get an inside look at the comedian with the video below!!

Everything is all great until Spring arrives. Suddenly the not so long convos turn into, calls sent straight to voicemail. Then you jump on a scale and realize you are 30 pounds heavier and now too fat to be chasing ballers during All Star.( Oh maybe that was just me).

Either way the beauty of the new boo phases out. I have no idea how to keep the flame going. That’s not what this blog is about. However, I’m pretty sure if you just take the time not to get stuck in repitition, the relationship might have a chance.

The fun part about new love for me is the falling asleep on the phone together. The moment when you are telling your friends about how awesome he is. (This is usually before, he tries to holla at that same friend). But none the less, new romances can be fun. Just don’t invest so much into it. Pick up a hobby or another boo to allow yourself the time to get to know the other person.

That way when Spring arrives, and your boo starts acting up. You either can go play with your other boo, or sell all the pottery you made. I go with option number 2, financial gain is always a win for me.

Here’s a cute video I found that hit my feelings on the subject matter to a T. Enjoy..

I got a chance to run into Paul Wall and got the opportunity to interview the same did I interviewed Trae The Truth. He talks about his now available mixtape No Sleep Till Houston. All the different people he worked with. If you are a true Paul Wall fan, he gives you every way possible to contact him and purchase his music. No Sleep Till Houston is an excellent mixtape I recommend downloading.

First I stumbled across the spoof and I was lost, so then I watched the actual video.. What in the caulking gun hell? This baby has a dead oil spill horse tail on her head. Then these dancers, I haven’t seen this many ass shots in one place since I was at Onyx Sunday. Is this how they did the casting? When everyone went to re up on the shots they made a video shoot? For her name to be Lady Twerk, why is she the only one who cant twerk? She must of just had her shots done, most girls are pretty stiff those first few days…

Then here comes Gozell. She actually gives the video some hope lol.. Just watch her spoof.. Thank me later!

Ok, I went to her site…But, then I kept thinking about this video. So, imma be real and say those pics with the red hair don’t do her justice… Anywho, check out her video dancing it was amazing. Well to me it is. I am very easy to please though lmaoooo. To see more of India, check out India Baby

As a former stripper, my heart always will be with young girls aspiring to do more than, just shake it for a little cash. Here is Gucci, a dancer in Dallas, Texas. She is a phenomenal pole dancer and is capable of captivating the crowd.

As she looks to make her mark on the industry, she has been modeling and featured in videos. Here is just a small sample of the talent that she possesses. A big shout out to Tripp Wall, who is a great photographer, who also shot the video.
Make Sure you follow her on Twitter Gucci .

Wale, oh how I love his music and hate his sensitive tweets. Some people really should learn, less is more and just hush LOL. Maybe I just don’t get his passion on Twitter, more thank likely because, I think Twitter is a toy used to make me laugh. I could care less what you other people think of it or do with it.

My favorite song to work out to of his right now is Bait, I love the D.C. Go-GO vibe to it. Make sure you check it out and if you are really a fan see him in person November 9th, at House of Blues in Dallas. Tickets start at $14, and Black Cobain and Meek Mill will also be there.