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Artist Sadie Hawkins is definitely pushing to make her voice heard. Just recently seen in the studio with super producer Sony Digital, the SC native now in Atlanta, is putting in work. Still riding the success of Girl Interrupted with Dj Scream, she sits “Cocky” waiting for her chance to really take on the Atlanta seen. I personally have NOT seen any other females in the Atlanta area able to really compete. Maybe you have seen something I haven’t. (Don’t forget to quote me)

With some major things about to pop next quarter. make sure you are keeping glued to what Sadie has next. Follow her on Twitter.

Well, honestly speaking lets hope your man isn’t in the closet, let alone someone else. This video is just the one of many I will be working on. Hope that you guys enjoy the video.

The very beautiful Pilar Sanders, before she was married to NFL/MLB great Deon Sanders began her career modeling and doing music videos. One of the video she was in was Kriss Kross’s “Tonight’s the Night”. Oddly, this is one of the first videos that ever made me think to want to be in a video. LOL

I really wanted to know more about her as a person but in Football Wives she came off as cold and distant. But, I mean how was she supposed to act? She is married to a man worth about 40 million while other cast members were enduring financial strains. It wasn’t like she was friends with any of these women before the show. Like I mentioned to cast member Dawn Neufield on Twitter, she (Pilar) is going to be different. She can’t relate to a lot of you guys, whether it be background or current status.

She certainly is very nice to look at though. The actress is busy also managing Sony artist D’Jo. A R&B singer from Dallas. I guess I just wanted to show that anything is possible. From a minor role in a video to being one of the most famous wives in the US. Heres is the video, you will see here opening curtains or something…

I'm Not The Shooter...I'm The Bullet Bitch

Ummm, I watched this video that subsequently made me want some Jerk Chicken. What exactly am I looking for? I mean yeah sure, it’s not very child friendly but is S&M? This lady shows up to awardshows naked, are you really surprised? I mean other than the killing aspect there isn’t to much wrong. Why can’t BET blur that portion of the video? I definitely understand where the parents are coming from, I have been said Rihanna’s image isn’t for young girls.

Rihanna resulted to taking to Twitter,(like that’s her only media platform) and said “I’m a 23 year old rockstar with NO KIDS! What’s up with everybody wantin me to be a parent?” Hmmm, well to a certain aspect she is correct however when you’re in the limelight you have to be cognizant of the images you portray. Parents should really monitor what their kids are watching, even if it is just music videos. Not all music is made for kids.

I dig Miss Rapunzel’s hair and the color in the video. The video to me is no worse than a Lifetime movie or Hugh Hefner and all his girlfriends.I guess it’s good BET decided to keep the video even though it is receiving such negative reviews.