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Awww congrats to all the lovely women who got married over the weekend. Speciallyone of my role models, Sherri Shepherd…. Sherri was married in Chicago to her fiancee Lamar Sally. Her son Jeffery, walked her down the aisle.

Tara Reid, got her hoe ass married…It’s hope for you skud buckets. She married Zach Morris, I kid. She married Zach Kehayov in Greece, only moments after their engagment. LMAO!!! She is not the sharpest shool in a shed clearly. But, I wish her luck.

Lastly Joy Behar, The View co-host along with Sherri Shepherd tied the knot this weekend. Behar married, Steve Janowitz, her partner of 29 years. Well damn, took them long enough. But hey, what ever floats people’s boats.

This was taken from TMZ. According to them, one of my many mentors wont be able to DWTS due to her being busy. Well good grief, TMZ isn’t that a good thing?! LOL Between co-hosting The View, and the Newly Wed Game, getting married and a son. Ummm, really?! I can barley manage to post blogs, brush my weave and eat.

Her wedding is to take place this month and is to TV writer Lamar Sally… Hilarious, was the clip of her learning to dance with her wedding party. Watch the clip of Shane Sparks who choreographed the dance, attemping to teach it smh..LOL

I think she would do great, if she did go on there! Congrats Sherri :)

Kim and Kris

 Well, seems as if love and sex is in the air everywhere! Weddings,babies and engagements are all over the place recently. Kim Kardashian the much lesser lucky in love Kardashian, is finally going to get hitched. Like her sister Khloe she will be married in to the NBA… Now that would be a great basketball wives. Khloe, Kim, Lala (married to Carmelo Anthony) and if Ciara can snag Amare Stoudemire! Lets talk about ratings and profit to come LOL E! better not steal my damn idea either…

Any who its said that Humphries proposed on one knee, with rose petals galore. The ring is a 20.5 carat Lorraine Schwartz piece (also noted for making Beyonce’s wedding ring) that cost about 2 million dollars. YIKES!!!! I didn’t even know he had money like that. Below is a picture of Beyonce in her ring…NOW, her ring was 5 million BUT I want you to get an idea of the type of ring Kim is getting herself into.

Beyonce Wedding Ring

I’m actually very happy for Kim IF she is happy. I hope she is not doing this because she feels pressure since, she is the oldest of her sisters and not married. I can only imagine the wedding, i’m sure her mother is on top of it already. I wish her mom would be my manager! She is on top of her sh*t!

Congrats! May you BOTH be happy!

With Prince William and Catherine Middleton’s wedding tomorrow. I decided to take a look back at Prince Williams mother, Princess Diana. I remember it being one of the most anticipated events just like her son’s is. An expected 1 billion ppl are going to be tuned in, to watch the vows take place. The place of location is the Westminster Abbey.

I love that Princess Diana broke tradition and did not say that whole dumb ass part “promise to obey”. May she rest in peace and hopefully you will be tuned in like me to see them get married. Added is a clip from Princess Diana’s wedding, its the beggining and it shows her beautiful